Our services consists of software solutions provider, mainly on web based or mobiles based solutions; project management consultancy and IT solution architect of any business problem.

Web based solution

Web technology and we grew together. We started working on web based solutions from era of basic html till the current era of HTML5.

Mobile Apps

We grow and upgrade us with technologies. We develops mobile apps for our client's business needs. Our apps are to make mobile device as key platform to the current business to keep our clients in the business at all the time.

Solution Architect

Badly designed solutions are very hard to maintain, support or upgrade. And so the role of Solution Architect is key in designing robust software solutions. We can provide you service of designing solution architecture of your system.


Selling products online to direct consumer is not just creating online catalogue. E-Commerce is a thoughtful strategy for selling products online by attracting and engaging people to our site. You can count on us for building such e-commerce product.