Categories: Web based solution

Surtirunners is a running community based in Surat. The portal is built for them for managing their races. This portal has following unique features,
  • Singal portal for all their races to allow runner to register in any. This is how runners do not need to go to race specific portal.
  • Runners profile gets stored forever and in future runner will not have to fill any details for registering for any events on this portal.
  • The other race related information like, race details, route, fees, rules and all are listed on this portal itself.
  • Race results are also getting provided from this portal.
Apart from above common features for end user; organiser has unique admin interface with following features.
  • Dashboard to have summary of registration and payments.
  • Registrations list with feature to manually register new runner and also to allow admin to send confirmation message or email again to user.
  • Allow admin to edit registration.
  • Allow admin to mark registration is paid when admin gets cash payment (offline payment)
  • Feature to view runner's ID proof along with key registration data to validate runner's profile.
  • GST Report to allow organizer to file GST return of the month's receipt.
  • Admin account creation and providing various level of access to the admin portal
  • Race management so that admin can create new races in existing event or edit the fees of other details.
  • Activating/Deactivating Registration to control the registraion limits
  • Event admin to allow organizer to create new event.
And mainly the key feature of this portal is, that any other organizer can use this portal's registration and admin capability by hosting only registration on this portal. This is how surti runners provide only payment receiving option to other small event organizers.