Categories: Web based solution

This is web based system for company's sales team to search and play with product features to derive unique deal for the customers. As this covers, sales strategy of client, respecting client's business confidentiality we cannot brief this system over here.

Unique features of this system are

  • Integration of real time cost fetching from actual company's database to users’ system periodically (for offline use)
  • Real-time cost calculation as per diamond's various properties
  • Various business logic implemented to apply all possible constrains of choosing various properties of jewelry and diamonds
  • Real-time order placement
  • Saving different combination of properties to choose later on.

This system of proprietary sales system of our client and as per our understanding with them we are not showing much details of the system here. Hence intentionally no proper images are being shown and no other system details are shared. And this is not publically hosted solution and hence no live demo possible.