Sugar N Potato

Categories: Web based solution is first ever online shopping site in Surat for selling household products like grocery, food, snacks & beverages, home products and personal products.

DiviniySoft had played major role in designing this e-Commerce site from defining the strategy of show casing the products and keeping customer engaged with the site.

This website had following characteristics

  • Simple plain home page like google search with similar product search feature.
  • Affinity based catalog. When user search for a product, it shows related products at various affinity types (like of same category, related products as per buy history etc.)
  • Quick buy experience. User click on product from search and its readily available with various options while other suggested products lists get filled up. User will not feel any delay or loading of pages experience.
  • Mouse over readily available list of packaging of products
  • Section wise help for users to know the site
  • Single page checkout including registration/login, confirming or updating order and setting up delivery schedule.
  • Complex but intelligent delivery time matrix implementation having different delivery charges as per delivery time and amount of order.
  • An tele-caller admin interface to allow caller to call customer and take order on phone and log it very quickly to the system.

Note: This product is taken back from the business as the client had changed their business strategy. If anyone want to explore or evaluate this system it can be placed for demo on request. You may contact us for the same. Also to note, the implemented concept (idea and business logic) behind this product is on sale from the owner. Anyone want to use it off the shelf may contact us for the same. We shall connect you with the owner of the product.