JLMS Cloud - Architect

Categories: Architect/Counsultency

We have a contract with JZERO Solutions and under that contract we have architect their product called JLMS Cloud. This product is desinged on Microsoft Azure Cloud platform. This product is using various Azure's PAAS (platform as a service) to take maximum advantage of cloud concept in the system.

We did following for this product of JZERO Solutions

  • Defined architecture based of AZURE technologies for the product
  • Did all research work for new technologies involved for AZURE platform and choose best architectural approach for the product
  • Implemented the SCORM 2004 (Scalable Content Object Reference Model) as universal common standards for eLearning
  • Implemented the TinCan as universal common standards for communication between two LMS or LRS
  • Implemented the LRS (Learning Record Store) as universal common standards storing learning records
  • Defined the architecture of generic reports module
  • Defined the architecture of automation module
  • Defined the architecture of training events module
  • Defined the architecture of localization feature

Note: We are not being the whole development of this product as our roles is as consultant for this product. Above are the listed work we did for this product. Rest whole product is being developed by their core team. We are still with contact with JZERO and contributing on upcoming module and new challenges.