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This is product of ThinQuity enterprise private limited with a purpose of creating awareness among the families having pet or wishing to have a pet and educating them about the concept of having a pet. This effort is aimed at increasing the aptitude of the families having pets and the human society as a whole, and to develop a better attitude towards the pets and pet families.

Major objectives of this product are

  • To give general information about commonly kept pets and steps to take for having the pet successfully keeping in mind the welfare of the pet and the happiness of the family as a whole.
  • To help pet families to keep track of the wellbeing of their pets by registering and learning about their pets.
  • To help the family find their pet in case the pet gets missing.
  • To help the pets who are lost & found to find their family back.
  • To help pet families find the expert advice on their pets and resolve issues related to them.
  • To update them regarding the wellbeing of the “pet families” as a whole.
  • To update the pet families with the latest happenings in the world of pets

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This app is open for public and available on play store. The links are available on above website.